Chapter 130: Bitter Taste of Victory

My apologies to the readers for posting it 1 day(I think) late from the time it was done editing, I was dealing with my graduate school admission. Credits to all that helped in its editing: Sac-kun Loliquent and Pork.

I’ll try to post 131 immediately after it’s done being edited.

Thank you for your patience.

Chapter 130: Bitter Taste of Victory

As Lenion channels his spell, he opens his eyes as a fierce windstorm surrounds him.

However, the two people present is firmly rooted to the ground, without being blown off by his windstorm. Lenion intends to use an attack stronger than awhile ago. So this time, he directs his sword towards the sky, and what appears are numerous tornadoes in the sky.

“It was not my intention to destroy this country, but now that it has come to this, I’ll blow everything away!” (Lenion)

If a tornado that can engulf a whole house were to descend upon the country, then the whole region turning into a wasteland wouldn’t be an impossible feat.

“Be blown away! 《Devastating Tornado》” (Lenion)

But he was not able to swing down the raised sword.

“…Gah!?” (Lenion)

Lenion began breathing heavily. His face grimaces when he felt an excruciating pain coming from his abdomen. Clenching his teeth, he stares at the person who prevented his attack.

It was Ornoth. With his blinding speed, he was able to close the distance, thus appeared before Lenion. Ornoth had grasped Lenion’s arm with his left hand to prevent the sword from being swung down and then punched Lenion’s gut with his right.

Although Ornoth used a normal attack, the impact was enough to shake the core of Lenion’s body. If Lenion did not manage to skillfuly evade that attack, the attack would have caused irrevocable damage to his body

“Impossible…What power-?!…”  (Lenion)

One of Lenion’s eyes closes as his face becomes distorted due to pain.

“I won’t let you harm this country” (Ornoth)

Ornoth says calmly as strength fades from Lenion’s arm and the sword falls to the ground At the same time the swarm of tornadoes in the sky begin to disappear one by one.

“Da…Damnitt!!!” (Lenion)

Although Lenion thrusts out his fist to attack Ornoth, his attack was easily grabbed

“Go to sleep, Gabranth prince”  (Ornoth)

Ornoth was about to deal the final blow when he involuntarily jumped away as he sensed an intense blood lust coming from the sky.


A bird feather with sharp edges pierced the ground where Ornoth formerly was.

He looks up to see the one responsible for the attack.

Flap, flap, flap, flap!

A human shaped figure was seen in the sky fluttering both of it’s arms like wings as they descend down from the sky

It flies to the unconscious Lenion and carries him.

“…Ba…rid…?” (Lenion)

Lenion realizes that Barid came to help

“Oh, are you perhaps one of the 《Three warriors》, 《Birdman》Barid? If I remember correctly your other name is…《Thunder Lord》Barid  isn’t it?” (Ornoth)

Ornoth stares at Barid in front of him, whose appearance is completely that of a bird-man.

“…It isn’t just me” (Barid)

“What?” (Ornoth)

When Barid says so, the area was instantly covered with ice.

“This is…!?” (Ornoth)

Not just Ornoth, but Marione as well knits his eyebrows and becomes cautious. At the same time, a big lump of ice begins to bulge near Lenion and Barid.


Suddenly, the lump of ice cracks open and inside it is a child with a small stature. She shows herself wearing what seems to be a white bear costume. However its purposes are unknown.

Ornoth narrows his eyes as he observes the back-up that has arrived and says

“This is…I see, This ice, it’s from you isn’t it 《Ice Shade》?  I believe your name was…. Putis”

However, their reaction showed neither affirmation nor negation.

“If the 《Dark Night》 Crouch was here it would complete this magnificent view” (Marione)

“I say the same words to you, We, as part of the《Three Warriors》are the ones that would bring you down.  ”(Barid)

When Barid says those words, Ornoth and his companion widened their eyes a little. If what he says is true, Crouch would then have to be defeated and captured

“I see. If that is so then Her Majesty is doing well” (Ornoth)

In truth, rather than Eveam it was actually because of Hiiro’s efforts that things did not turn bad. However, Ornoth obviously does not fully comprehend Hiiro’s existence but at the very least, he understood that Eveam was saved from the explosion and he decided that Aquinas would probably know what had happened.

“It seems you came to rescue your prince, I’m Afraid  we’ll have to capture all of you”  (Ornoth)

Seeing the enemy’s number increase by 2, Marione himself joined the fray as he let his body be filled with magic power

“…. I won’t let you do that” (Barid)

When Barid said those words, ice spreads out and hardens underneath Ornoth and Marione’s feet depriving their movements. In addition, the ice gradually extends to their upper body.

“Wha?!……haa!” (Ornoth)

Ornoth crushes the ice that was restraining his body’s lower half. Marione follows Ornoth’s lead and does the same. They immediately prepare for battle, with their eyes set in front, focusin on Barid and the others. And as they are about to dash towards their enemy, they halted.

It is because in an instant Barid and the others are covered in ice.

“Wha, what the…!?” (Ornoth)

Ornoth cries out but, Barid calmly says

“We’ll finish our fight later” (Barid)


Ornoth and Marione tries to break open the ice, however the inside was empty.

“Shit!” (Ornoth)

“Tsk. This is why it is better that we got rid of them rather than capturing them.” (Marione)

Marione clenches his teeth out of frustration.  It seems that the Gabranth’s  had escaped the place. But this was expected as it is reckless to fight two people from 《Cruel》 while carrying a seriously injured prince

“…It can’t be helped. Marione-dono, are you alright?” (Ornoth)

“Shut up” (Marione)

As soon as he shouts this Marione begins walking towards another direction. Ornoth manages to let out a small sigh and shrugs his shoulders, then tilts his head to the direction of the town.

(This place marks the victory for the Evila)

However there is another place in trouble.  Seeing that the 《Three Warriors》withdrew from the front lines the other Gabranth would most probably withdraw as well, but even so there are still the Humas soldiers left.

In addition, they failed their objective of securing the prince. The aftertaste of winning turned out to be bad.

(We can’t let our guard down again. But I’m worried about those other guys as well)

He was talking about the four young people.  He remembered that before the young guy wearing a red robe vanished he talked to the four heroes and left them trembling afterwards.


155 thoughts on “Chapter 130: Bitter Taste of Victory

  1. Stephen B. says:

    I`m sorry if this is a little rude. I completely understand that people have their own thing happening in life and that translators and editors are sometimes swamped. Though, I can`t help but think this whole process would go a little faster and smoother, if the fast,experienced translators and editors were to do the the coming chapters.While the slower ones, were to complete the chapters that lay far ahead in the mountain of chapters.This way no one would stall the entire process.Before, the other people comment, this is not toward Avalon, because I know he isn`t this slow. Also again people are busy sometimes but if a person is so busy that they cant edit or even proofread one chapter in a decent amount of time, then perhaps that person shouldn`t volunteer.Lastly, I don`t mean to sound impatient, because,honestly, I`ve waited this long and could keep waiting; I`m not the one doing all the hard work after all.

    Thank you translators and editors for the chapters

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  2. WumboCombo says:

    Don’t worry guys, when chapter 131 finally drops we’ll have quite a few chapters to read. Currently 9 ready to post/in editing chapters.


  3. Dylin says:

    Thanks for all your hard work! I hope everything is going well and you aren’t to swamped in life!
    I posted elsewhere but if you guys are willing to take on more editors/proof readers let me know.
    I sadly don’t know the language but i watch/read enough that im familiar with the japanese expressions and would be able to incorporate them i feel. I passed both my college english classes as well! And while i may be a bit sloppy in everyday writing i would try my best to help get these chapters to flow in an organic way as close to the translation as i could.

    Again thanks for all your help i just know you guys, everyone, has been quite busy recently and well im not busy so i figured well i could possibly help if you guys needed it. Just shoot me an email

    Keep up the great work!

    But really thank you for holding out on posting and waiting until it has been fully edited. Because while we would all read a first pass. It wouldnt be as nice. Editing is there to help make reading everything more fun 😀

    Thank you!


  4. Korbo says:

    Is it my imagination or are releases of this series just as slow(or slower) now as they were when there were only one or two people working on it.

    I mean, there have to be what seems like ~10 unstable people working in the most disorganized fashion imaginable to be this slow.

    Not to say I don’t appreciate releases. But the series went from reliable weekly releases to monthly dumps of a few out-of-order chapters.

    Now I know what you’re thinking, “Don’t be rude, they work for free”. But I’m not being rude. I’m just calling it like I see it. A Mongolian clusterfuck.


    • alidan says:

      remember the timing, these were the last few months of college bullshit i can’t speak to that’s what fucked everyones schedule up, that and real life seem to be the cause. give it to mid july to pick up.

      if this was a weekly thing, than we have 4 chapters already done, 1 chapter that will be done the moment that they catch up to it, and another in the wings that will become top priority when everything is caught up…

      granted i would love it if they posted work in a less than finished state so long as its better than a straight google translate, just so i better understand what’s coming… but if anything this makes me want to learn japanese even more, if only because the things i end up liking either never get translated or have a less than desireable translation track record.


    • WumboCombo says:

      This is the madness that comes with too many people doing one project, and a lack of a SINGLE website, thus instead having to jump 4-7 blogs to try and find an correct status of a single chap. I’d prefer slower releases that were in order and a higher degree of quality then the current hurricane of random chapters coming from all directions.


  5. The stall is real…. Maybe don’t sign up for 2 chapters in a row next time? I honestly don’t care about 131, with how slow paced this series can be, skipping 1 chapter isn’t that big of a deal to me. What is potentially worse, is that this delay in releases will hurt the momentum in which this series has carried thus far, resulting in loss of volunteers and less TLs. I really would rather have the other people go ahead and release the chapters after 131(assuming they are done) while we wait.


  6. Andy says:

    When I read this translation project! Its like a stalled weather pattern of confusion and chaos if you love translating than good but to have a 2week late delay makes you an incompetent translator please bow out after this!


      • luislock says:

        He’s finished translating it for a while now. It’s the editors that are late. Calm down, better yet apologize.


          • luislock says:

            He has. Check loliquent’s page. The chapters are color coded to show their status. Purple means it’s being translated, blue means it’s translated and needs to be edited and proofread, and yellow means it’s ready to be posted. Ch 131 has been blue this whole time


          • alidan says:

            just an @luislock
            unless we can see the chapters before release, we are 100% beholden to 3 statuses, in translation, in editing, and quality control with the “its finished but i won’t release it till others release”

            i would love an end of day progress report.


    • loster says:

      Compared to other projects .. The translators for this project takes too much time .releasing only one chapter (i.e a week..or two..)
      Taking freaking long to post one chapter…
      The other project mainly takes only one day for one chapter ..


  7. Seriously bruh says:

    Is the translation purely done by machine or application? If so then is that the reason why this editing takes so freakin long? How come the others already finished 3-4 chapters and this is still in progress?


  8. I wish people would stop making rude comments about the translation and editing speed. You guys do realize that the translators and editors do all of this for free right? We readers are NOT entitled to anything. The more you make rude comments the more likely translators/editor are going to be unwilling to continue the this series in the future. It’s not the end of the world just cause a chapter is a little late. You should be thankful to them for even take time out of their day to translate/edit chapters for free. I personally am really grateful for all of their hard work and hope they continue to a great job.


  9. Thundersnake says:

    To all those who are b*tching: get the raws and use google translator. Nobody gives two sh*ts about you. Go eat a bag of d*cks.


  10. im sorry about all these leechers spewing bs insignia D= please stay kewl, almost everyone im sure appreciates your(and everyone on the team) time translating! just wanted to add something positive in case you get fed up with all these comments.

    stay frosty!


  11. negativeguy says:

    insignia, maybe u don’t wanna post ur TL chapter right away (which 70% edited) cause u want us to visit ur site every single day, right ?


    • luislock says:

      Kiriko does not post her chapters unless the chapters before it are posted so as no to ruin the story for the readers. Aside from her, I don think ready to post chapters stay that way for long. It usually happens within a day when they are ready to post but it’s up to the translator and sometimes shit happens. Insignia pierce said the reason why ch 130 was ready to post for so long but not posted is because he had stuff to do with college admissions and stuff


  12. Luminous says:

    First of all, many thanks to Insigniapierce and staff for continuing to translate this series!!!

    Secondly, it’s interesting how ridiculously spoiled (and rude) some readers can get 😛

    That said, I find it more productive to find another LN/WN to read elsewhere while waiting for releases to come out. Perhaps others should find alternative solutions to their impatience other than just complaining?


    • alidan says:

      i was going to put this at the end, but decided it should go to the beginning due to a kind of wall of text, to everyone who works on this thank you, without you we would be google translates bitch, and reading more than a few chapters that way really makes you appreciate any form of a translation even more.

      look, i have done some shit for groups mostly as an image editor and typesetter, as well as the reader of other projects that come in over 2 months late, so this is where my opinion comes from.

      i have come to despise some scanlators because of their practices. some have scripts done for 2-3 chapters and they stop releases entirely due to demanding the work they put out be 100% sellable in a retail store if not better.

      being on the receiving end of working 4-5 hours on redrawing only told to redo it because it’s not pro enough quality when you know that you are the only way the next chapter is coming out… lets be honest here it sucks, and knowing that’s how a group operates only adds more frustration because now you know damn well they are sitting on translations, but because they demand so much out of editors to redraw, that’s the reason you are seeing at best one chapter a month…

      look, you may think the people who read the manga you put out care about quality and they do to some extent… but not to the point they will wait a month knowing damn well the translations done… whenever i bring up a quicker release and releasing a better version later, most places im met with “do you like seeing white boxes everywhere, why not just take the pictures with a digital camera instead of scanning them to make it even faster” and i honestly wish i could strangle these people over tcip… the most recent thing i did was an edit, someone translated a work and instead of adding it to the black and white, they only had a horrible color version… so i edited all the dialogue to the black and white, to edit a chapter of a manga to fit text in it in a seamless way takes all of 5 minutes a page, 10 if you have to straighten to, and maybe an extra 10 minutes to set up a batch to rebalance the colors darker and ligher if you are ok with killing some of the final image quality for the sake of getting rid of the paper texture… but the moment you demand all the japanese be removed and redrawn perfectly so no one can tell… you just took a 1 hour job at most and turned it into a full part time job with some manga.

      remember, this is from the manga side, and because of how much bad experiences i have had, i only offer services anymore when there is no one else to do it and the only way its coming out is if i pitch in.

      i think the above summed up everyones frustration… instead of a 3 notice system with in translation, in editing and in quality control, a daily or end of day progress report would serve much better so people could tell us what the status of the chapters are would probably stave off much of the “whens it done” posts though not the its taking to long ones. to also help with making everyone understand what each process does, i would take one chapter and post the steps it goes through to show everyone how it changes and why a step is important

      as for finding something else to read… for me there really isn’t anything else, manga i read i’m caught up on, ln wn i read are also caught up and i’m waiting on more… this project is also one that scratches an itch that most others outside of the odd fanfic fail to hit in terms of the story its telling, on top of that apparently the monsters aren’t pure evil genre is fairly rare to boot.

      the long and short is i fully understand where the people complaining come from, no matter how justified they may or may not be.

      wow i probably came off as a tremendous asshole here.


      • Passerby says:

        You come off as more neutral than an asshole tbh, but I have to laugh at the comments of the guys sucking up. And how they say how people shouldn’t complain because they’re doing this for free, and blah and blah.

        But from my perspective, I remember when Yoraikun was doing it solo while doing shield, and honestly that guy’s a machine. Then Blaze came to either help him or took over (not sure), and he was just a good, and since his only focus was KNW he was pumpin out chapters. And yes, there were times where he’d be like, “I got exams or stuff”, and everyone understood, because how fast he was doing it prior to the breaks. Then other people came and helped, and it was amazing really.

        And then a buttload of people also joined, like there’s 10+ people I think all covering this, and we’d think, well now shit is really gonna get done. But here we are, completely stalled out. Even when Blaze and I think it was xcross were doing exams, they were still releasing a chapter every few days, and when it was over, they went back into machine mode and pumped it out. So for me, the complaints come from, when this project was being worked on by only a few people, shit got done, but now with 10+ people, it’s come to this. And saying that no one has a right to complain is silly because of what it’s become compared to what it was.

        I mean, no offense to anyone on this project, I know you’re all working hard to provide us with this, but I think a lot of us miss when Blaze/xcross/Yoraikun were doing it because again, they got shit done, even when busy. And those guys definitely have all my respect (especially Yoraikun’s sprint with shield to finish, like shit). So to me I completely understand the complaining, and at some level agree, considering it’s been like over a week since 130 was released, and again, 10+ guys on this project, or at least in name.


        • Seriously bruh says:

          I agree. I mean why would they even sign up for a chapter if they think they are busy? The others already finished 4 chapters or so. Compared to having less people, it seems having more people in the team makes this project slower. Please do refrain from volunteering if you are busy.


  13. although it is taking a while and i do feel impatient i wont complain.
    unless you actually donated or something then you people need to shut up.
    if you are going to bitch about how slow the releases are learn japanese yourself then translate it.
    heck you people would probably be too much of an asshole to even bother translating so dont bitch to others that are doing this for others for free.
    humans are such shameless scumbags.


  14. habib says:

    Thanks for Chapter!

    Thanks to Translator and Editor for doing this Chapter!! ^^

    I hope Hiiro gets a Harem in the end of this Novel. 9_^


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