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What Happened: 130 – 131

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Chapter 131: Ornoth vs the Four Heroes

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Chapter 131: Ornoth vs the Four Heroes

Author’s note: This time the story will be told from the Heroes’ perspective. The story from when Hiiro went to the Conference. (TL: events simultaneous with Chapter 118)


“He….teleported? Child, do you know where did that person head off to?” (Ornoth)

Ornoth asked the disciple of the one who had just teleported.  But Hiiro’s disciple, Nikki, covered her mouth using both hands while she shut her eyes tight..

“Hmmm….You’re called Nikki, am I right? Why are you doing that?” (Ornoth)

“Nnnnn,nnnnnnnnnnnnn!” (Nikki)

“……Do you really not know?” (Ornoth)

Then, Nikki opened her eyes wide and brought her hands to her waist.

“Like I said! Shishou told me that I shouldn’t say anything!” (Nikki)

“Hmm…I see” (Ornoth)

Ornoth kept silent as he thought he shouldn’t ask anymore if that was the case. His pride wouldn’t allow him to to forcefully extract information simply due to such a child’s antics. While he was bothered by Hiiro, he also was bothered by the heroes.

Certainly, when they had been heading to the conference, they had confirmed the existences of the heroes on the [Mutich Bridge]. There, he had witnessed the four heroes and an encampment of [Humas] soldiers.

That being the case, Ornoth felt that he first had to unravel the mystery as to why they were here. And so Ornoth approached the heroes.

Upon sensing the overwhelming aura of the approaching wolf-faced man, the hero Aoyama Taishi began to step backwards. However, Ornoth thought to himself that he couldn’t let them escape and with blinding speed, he placed himself behind the heroes.

“Wha!??” (Taishi)

Sensing Ornoth behind them, Taishi and the rest looked behind as their legs gave out once more and their faces became pale and feverish.

“…….First off, allow me to ask.” (Ornoth)

“Wha-,wha-, what is it!” (Taishi)

Taishi cried out partially out of desperation. While it may have been out of reflex, he stood up and lowered his waist as he pulled out his sword and took a battle stance.

(His waist is completely falling out on him….is he really the hero from that time?)

At the very least, Marione and Greyald had hurled bloodlust at the heroes at that time. However, even under such a situation, they had remained composed. Based on that, Ornoth had judged them to probably be quite strong, yet compared to then, the current heroes seemed to be completely different people.

I just want to ask you about what happened. Well, as for what will happen to you all after I finish asking, I will not forgive you if you intend on harming our side.

He hit them with a glance that oozed a hint of bloodlust. Taishi’s face turned pale and his body began to shake, yet his hands didn’t let go of his sword.

“Yo-You’re saying…?” (Taishi) (TL: Yeah I know its long but I don’t think Ornoth was trying to tell a story)

“First off I want to ask, are you people really the heroes?”(Ornoth)

“O-o-o-o-o-o-of course we are! We are the Summoned Heroes of 【Victorias】! ” (Taishi)

“I really can’t believe that” (Ornoth)

“Wha-What did you say!?” (Taishi)

“When talking about the heroes, they are the Humas’ trump card, their saviors. If that is so then why are those heroes here,trembling at the very center of the enemy territory?” (Ornoth)

Ornoth’s words stabbed deeply into their hearts. Savior, the glimmer of hope. In the past, such a person summoned to Edea, had saved the [Humas] from calamity and was worshipped and respected, as a result, by many people.

Courageous, unyielding, with an arm of justice and a heart of compassion. These were the weapons that the brave ones used to fight. Even so, currently not a single one of those qualities could be applied to the current heroes.

Taishi and the others looked down in a dejected manner. Looking at them, Ornoth let out a weak sigh.

“Well, it doesn’t matter whether or not you guys are the heroes. You aren’t needed in this place” (Ornoth)

“…Eh?” (???)

“It’s because, you people came here to lay waste to this country, isn’t that right?”

“Th-that’s…” (???)

“In that case, then I, as a defender of this country, must eliminate you.” (Ornoth)

“A…” (???)

“Additionally, if you all are truly the heroes, all the more reason for me to kill you here for the sake of the [Evila].” (Ornoth)

Ornoth’s bloodlust increased further. Seeing Ornoth slowly approach them, Taishi twitched and reflexively-


-charged forward whilst swinging his sword.

“Ta-Taishi dooooon’t!!” (?????)

It was as if her voice never reached him, as it seemed he had no intention of stopping his advance.

“…how foolish” (Ornoth)

Ornoth stood still while he gazed at the charging Taishi. And at the moment when it seemed that Taishi’s sword had caught him,


Ornoth easily dodged by tilting his body sideways.

“You! You! You! You! Yoouuu!!”  (Taishi)

Taishi attacked with his sword again and again, but was incapable of grazing Ornoth by even a single millimeter. His movements were completely being read.

“That idiot! He’s completely lost it!” (Chika)

It could have been due to Taishi’s unexpected actions, but Chika, who had managed to regain some composure, similarly drew her sword and took a battle stance.

“Chika-chi!?” (Shinobu)

Akamori Shinobu saw that Chika was planning to fight and instantly raised her voice.

“Shinobu…Please take care of Shuri!” (Chika)

Chika sent a glance towards the still trembling Shuri Minamoto, who had not let out a single voice even now. Her words had the meaning of entrusting the protection of Shuri as well included into them. She then kicked the ground in pursuit of Taishi.

“Wa-Wait Chika-chi!” (Shinobu)

Shinobu also wanted to provide assistance, but couldn’t leave Shuri behind by herself.  Shinobu held Shuri’s shoulders but was at a loss for words when she felt her temperature. Shuri’s face was pale and her skin was cold as if it was devoid of blood.

“It’s going to be okay Shuri-chi” (Shinobu)

“Shi-Shinobu…san” (Shuri)

Her trembling lips finally moved, but it seemed that she was at her limit of staying conscious. Even so, Shinobu couldn’t abandon her in such a dangerous situation.

Because she was her friend. But as she watched the backs of the two who were fighting, she once again heard the sounds of explosions and smelt the smell of blood as she thought,

(Did we make…a mistake) (Shinobu)

She repeated the question, answer to which didn’t appear within her again and again.

As for Ornoth, even though his opponents had increased to two people, he remained unscathed. Their movements were undeniably fast. Their levels were also considerably high. It might even be alright to say as expected of heroes.

But they were completely lacking in experience. Or rather, even thought they should be on a battlefield, their blades only contained fear.

The desire to win against one’s opponents and the resolve to kill one’s opponents. They completely lacked such feelings that were absolutely necessary in a battlefield. You can’t simply swing your blade about just because you are scared. Blades without such beliefs couldn’t possibly reach one of the Evila’s greatest war portentials, Ornoth.

(And rather than the boy, the girl seems to show more promise.) (Ornoth)

As he continued to dodge their attacks, Ornoth glanced at Chika. Compared to Taishi’s sword, hers was more precise and contained a more powerful conviction. She likely wanted to save him. Her strong desire to protect was likely weakening her hesitation, but sadly, her lack of experience prevented her from being able to give Ornoth even a single wound.

“Shit! Shit! Shiiit! Why can’t I hit anything!?”  (Taishi)

It was because he continued to swing his word around thoughtlessly. However, Taishi did not understand that at all.

“Calm down Taishi!” (Chika)

“How can I calm down!? If we lose we’ll die! I…I cannot die in a place like this” (Taishi)

“Ta-Taishi…” (Chika)

“Tha-that’s why” (Taishi)

Taishi glared at Ornoth with an incredibly upset expression. As he did so, an absurd amount of magic power began to gather in his right hand. Naturally, Ornoth noticed this and was taken aback.

Then Taishi’s right hand began to shine.

“Disappear! Shinesp….!??”

He turned his right hand towards Ornoth and attempted to use magic, but a leg kicked that right hand from below.


The sound of a bone cracking resounded out, as his right hand was kicked up towards the sky. The moment he grasped that arm, however-


A fist was thrust into the pit of his stomach.


“Taishii! Youu!” (Chika)

Chika attempted to attack the close-by Ornoth, but he easily dodged and retreated.

“uu…guh..!?” (Taishi)

“Taishi hang on!” (Chika)

Chika rushed to Taishi who was holding his stomach while crouching.Looking at the two, Ornoth calmly spoke.

“There are generally two methods to activate magic. Either one must speak the name of the magic, or use magic which does not need to be named. It seems that his magic is of the former type and must be spoken or else it won’t activate. Originally, magic was mostly used for long-distance battles. If you carelessly attempt to use it in this kind of close-combat situation, that is what happens.” (Ornoth)

While he didn’t know whether the groaning Taishi could hear him or not, Ornoth continued to speak.

“Seeing as you tried to use light magic, while it seems you all are the heroes, you are completely lacking in experience. It is amazing that they had the audacity to send you all the way to this battlefield. Anyone with a certain degree of combat experience should be capable of knowing that it’s still too early to send you all to the battlefield just by looking at you, but…………why did the king not stop you? There’s no way that the soldiers wouldn’t have advised against it as it was too early for you all.” (Ornoth)

Upon hearing those words, Chika said “Eh?” and stared at Ornoth.

Chapter 130: Bitter Taste of Victory

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Chapter 130: Bitter Taste of Victory

As Lenion channels his spell, he opens his eyes as a fierce windstorm surrounds him.

However, the two people present is firmly rooted to the ground, without being blown off by his windstorm. Lenion intends to use an attack stronger than awhile ago. So this time, he directs his sword towards the sky, and what appears are numerous tornadoes in the sky.

“It was not my intention to destroy this country, but now that it has come to this, I’ll blow everything away!” (Lenion)

If a tornado that can engulf a whole house were to descend upon the country, then the whole region turning into a wasteland wouldn’t be an impossible feat.

“Be blown away! 《Devastating Tornado》” (Lenion)

But he was not able to swing down the raised sword.

“…Gah!?” (Lenion)

Lenion began breathing heavily. His face grimaces when he felt an excruciating pain coming from his abdomen. Clenching his teeth, he stares at the person who prevented his attack.

It was Ornoth. With his blinding speed, he was able to close the distance, thus appeared before Lenion. Ornoth had grasped Lenion’s arm with his left hand to prevent the sword from being swung down and then punched Lenion’s gut with his right.

Although Ornoth used a normal attack, the impact was enough to shake the core of Lenion’s body. If Lenion did not manage to skillfuly evade that attack, the attack would have caused irrevocable damage to his body

“Impossible…What power-?!…”  (Lenion)

One of Lenion’s eyes closes as his face becomes distorted due to pain.

“I won’t let you harm this country” (Ornoth)

Ornoth says calmly as strength fades from Lenion’s arm and the sword falls to the ground At the same time the swarm of tornadoes in the sky begin to disappear one by one.

“Da…Damnitt!!!” (Lenion)

Although Lenion thrusts out his fist to attack Ornoth, his attack was easily grabbed

“Go to sleep, Gabranth prince”  (Ornoth)

Ornoth was about to deal the final blow when he involuntarily jumped away as he sensed an intense blood lust coming from the sky.


A bird feather with sharp edges pierced the ground where Ornoth formerly was.

He looks up to see the one responsible for the attack.

Flap, flap, flap, flap!

A human shaped figure was seen in the sky fluttering both of it’s arms like wings as they descend down from the sky

It flies to the unconscious Lenion and carries him.

“…Ba…rid…?” (Lenion)

Lenion realizes that Barid came to help

“Oh, are you perhaps one of the 《Three warriors》, 《Birdman》Barid? If I remember correctly your other name is…《Thunder Lord》Barid  isn’t it?” (Ornoth)

Ornoth stares at Barid in front of him, whose appearance is completely that of a bird-man.

“…It isn’t just me” (Barid)

“What?” (Ornoth)

When Barid says so, the area was instantly covered with ice.

“This is…!?” (Ornoth)

Not just Ornoth, but Marione as well knits his eyebrows and becomes cautious. At the same time, a big lump of ice begins to bulge near Lenion and Barid.


Suddenly, the lump of ice cracks open and inside it is a child with a small stature. She shows herself wearing what seems to be a white bear costume. However its purposes are unknown.

Ornoth narrows his eyes as he observes the back-up that has arrived and says

“This is…I see, This ice, it’s from you isn’t it 《Ice Shade》?  I believe your name was…. Putis”

However, their reaction showed neither affirmation nor negation.

“If the 《Dark Night》 Crouch was here it would complete this magnificent view” (Marione)

“I say the same words to you, We, as part of the《Three Warriors》are the ones that would bring you down.  ”(Barid)

When Barid says those words, Ornoth and his companion widened their eyes a little. If what he says is true, Crouch would then have to be defeated and captured

“I see. If that is so then Her Majesty is doing well” (Ornoth)

In truth, rather than Eveam it was actually because of Hiiro’s efforts that things did not turn bad. However, Ornoth obviously does not fully comprehend Hiiro’s existence but at the very least, he understood that Eveam was saved from the explosion and he decided that Aquinas would probably know what had happened.

“It seems you came to rescue your prince, I’m Afraid  we’ll have to capture all of you”  (Ornoth)

Seeing the enemy’s number increase by 2, Marione himself joined the fray as he let his body be filled with magic power

“…. I won’t let you do that” (Barid)

When Barid said those words, ice spreads out and hardens underneath Ornoth and Marione’s feet depriving their movements. In addition, the ice gradually extends to their upper body.

“Wha?!……haa!” (Ornoth)

Ornoth crushes the ice that was restraining his body’s lower half. Marione follows Ornoth’s lead and does the same. They immediately prepare for battle, with their eyes set in front, focusin on Barid and the others. And as they are about to dash towards their enemy, they halted.

It is because in an instant Barid and the others are covered in ice.

“Wha, what the…!?” (Ornoth)

Ornoth cries out but, Barid calmly says

“We’ll finish our fight later” (Barid)


Ornoth and Marione tries to break open the ice, however the inside was empty.

“Shit!” (Ornoth)

“Tsk. This is why it is better that we got rid of them rather than capturing them.” (Marione)

Marione clenches his teeth out of frustration.  It seems that the Gabranth’s  had escaped the place. But this was expected as it is reckless to fight two people from 《Cruel》 while carrying a seriously injured prince

“…It can’t be helped. Marione-dono, are you alright?” (Ornoth)

“Shut up” (Marione)

As soon as he shouts this Marione begins walking towards another direction. Ornoth manages to let out a small sigh and shrugs his shoulders, then tilts his head to the direction of the town.

(This place marks the victory for the Evila)

However there is another place in trouble.  Seeing that the 《Three Warriors》withdrew from the front lines the other Gabranth would most probably withdraw as well, but even so there are still the Humas soldiers left.

In addition, they failed their objective of securing the prince. The aftertaste of winning turned out to be bad.

(We can’t let our guard down again. But I’m worried about those other guys as well)

He was talking about the four young people.  He remembered that before the young guy wearing a red robe vanished he talked to the four heroes and left them trembling afterwards.

Chapter 103: Humas-Evila Alliance Conference

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Chapter 103: Humas-Evila Alliance Conference

When Eveam and company crossed the bridge and looked at the Humas troops stationed there, her body stiffened.  Everyone was looking at each other warily.

(The heroes are…) (Eveam)

Eveam started looking for the heroes who were supposed to be around. Her gaze fell upon a group of four.

A tall boy with brown hair and a handsome face that is likely popular with the ladies. An energetic girl, sporting hair with the same shade of brown. A girl with long black hair that reached down to her waist. A girl with cat-like eyes and slightly wavy black hair that hung over her shoulders.

(So those are the heroes…) (Eveam)

Eveam wore a poker face as she moved only her gaze towards the direction of the 4 heroes. As the other side had noticed her stare, they returned a probing gaze.

She judged that they were the Heroes because she sensed great magical power emanating from them.  In the first place she, as the Demon Lord, belonged to a race that excels in sensing magic. Thus, since birth, she had possessed great magical power and precise control over magical elements.

Using this ability, she was able to discern the quality and quantity of the Human’s magic simply by observing them.

Eveam stopped walking as a Humas soldier stood before her.

“I presume you must be Demon Lord Eveam?” (Captain)

The soldier before her was most likely a captain. Unlike the grey armor that the others wore, only his had a different shape and color. One other person, like the individual before her, was also wearing red armor. It was likely that the individual was also a captain.

“I am obliged to attend this meeting, My name is Eveam Gran Early Evening, the governing ruler of Demon Capital: Xaos” (Eveam)

After she spoke thus with a dignified countenance, the people nearby couldn’t help expressing their admiration. This girl was their enemy, the 『Evila』’s ruler. Her beauty and her ambitions as a ruler, however, had unintentionally captivated the people around her.

According to Aquinas, Eveam was still lacking dignity as a ruler. Even so, the humans were forced to understand that she was an existence that clearly lived in a different world from them.

It was not just Eveam. The presence of the two at her side, Aquinas and Marione, had caused the humans to swallow their breath. As expected of those who held such rank, the captains who wore red armor did not show any change in facial expression. However, beads of sweat could be seen dripping down their forehead.

“You will be guided to the Sacred Oldine from here. In accordance with the agreement, from here onwards, only 6 Cruel guards will be allowed.” (Captain)

“I understand. From here I will be accompanied by Aquinas, Marione, and Kiria. Only these 3 people. Kiria is not a  Cruel but she is my aide. I wouldn’t mind making a separate letter for her approval ” (Eveam)

“I understand. you have brought fewer people than we expected. Please follow me” (Captain)

They proceeded to follow the person in red armor. Eveam walked past the heroes, but Aquinas did not follow suit. He stopped for a moment, looked towards them, and frowned.

“What’s wrong?” (Kiria)

The one who asked was Kiria.

“…Nothing, I’m just a little worried.” (Aquinas)

“So those people are the heroes” (Kiria)

Kiria said this while also staring at the four heroes.

“It seems that way, but…” (Aquinas)

“What is it?” (Kiria)

“Nothing… Let’s go” (Aquinas)

“Ah, Yes” (Kiria)

Aquinas glanced at the heroes once more before following behind the others.

(Strange… It is certainly strong… Their magical power is strong, however the amount of magical power between the four of them is too equal.)  (Aquinas)

What Aquinas felt was an enormous magical power.  He felt its strength exceeded even that of Higher Evila, but the amount of magical power that the four people had was too equal.

(Are all people from another world like that? Or…) (Aquinas)

The four people’s appearances certainly looked different, but something was amiss in terms of their respective magical power. He felt a sense of unease, not only because there were four people with the same amount of magical power but because they were also heroes. However, it was not impossible for four people to have an equal amount of magical power.

(…Ornoth, I’ll leave the country to you. In exchange, the princess…) (Aquinas)

A flame quietly flickered in Aquinas’ eyes. He still felt uneasy in his heart but he had to proceed to the conference. That was Eveam’s will. There was no way of knowing if anything would happen a the conference, but he was determined to protect Eveam at all cost.

Naturally, at this time he had no way of knowing what his decision would bring.

【Sacred Oldine】; the place where the hero was summoned into this world, 【Edea】, in order to save the 『Humas』 who lived there, and the rumored place where the hero lived out the rest of his life.

When the hero died, he transformed his own body into light and poured it down onto the land. The land was originally corrupted; there were poisonous marshes as well as many ferocious monsters crawling about. It is told that the hero, wanting to rid the land of corruption, used the last of his strength in order to purify it.

Thereafter, many plants grew and flowers blossomed unto the land, turning it into a lively and vibrant place overflowing with nature. At the same time, monsters had become unable to approach the land and magic had become unusable in that area.

The people believed this to be a result of the hero’s desire for peace, declared the land to be 【Sacred Ground】, and constructed a building to praise the hero. That building is called the 《Oldine Grand Temple》. It is located in the center of that land, where the hero’s power is said to be the strongest.

The first generation head priest and founder was a companion of the Hero. His name was Ronise Gilviti. The Sacred Oldine was made as a symbol of peace.  Even now it constantly attracts many worshippers and tourists. Even the upper echelons of society use the place to conduct important discussions and negotiations.

Right now, the Sacred Oldine would be the place wherein a big turn of events would occur.

This is the place of The Conference.

The Conference between the Humas and the Evilato establish an alliance treaty between them.

Inside the Ordine Grand Temple, there is a place called the 《Sacred Room》. It was here that the two representatives of each race would meet.

Overseeing the conference as a neutral party and standing between the two groups was Portnis Gilviti, the current head priestess. As the name would imply, she is a descendant of the First Head Priest Ronise Gilviti

The priestess wore a white robe embroidered with gold thread. In her hand was  a staff with a large emerald green ball fitted on the top.

She was a fair-skinned woman envied by women with brownish complexion.She was around the age of 30, possessing a dignified expression appropriate of her age, and a face full of slender contours along with a well-shaped nose. It was as if every part of her body was designed for elegance.

“Well then, as of this moment we shall begin the Humas-Evila Alliance Conference” (Eveam)

Her voice was heard clearly by everyone.

In the Sacred Room was a large round table. The representatives of the two races seated themselves opposite of each other,while Portnis sat down in a position where both parties were in her field of view.


King Rudolph of the Humas and Demon Lord Eveam of the Evila were the only ones who sat down. The other people present were also offered a seat but they remained standing.  It is likely they remained standing so that it would be easier to react if something were to happen. Both parties were thinking the same thing.

Rudolph was accompanied by his Cabinet Minister Dennis, Guild Master Judom, as well as 5 other guards, including the Captain that guided Eveam and her companions to the room.

Eveam’s party was comprised of her aide Kiria, Cruel’s  Rank 1 Aquinas, and Rank 2 Marione.

Judom focused his gaze upon Aquinas. Aquinas, likewise, looked back at Judom, and the two of them stared each other down.

(It’s been a while, Aquinas) (Judom)

Judom didn’t put his thoughts into words, but conveyed it through his gaze. Aquinas, as if he understood what Judom wanted to say…

(You seem to be in good shape, Judom Lankars) (Aquinas)

They conversed using only their eyes, almost as if they were former comrades in arms. They’ve fought against each other in life or death battles so they knew each other well.

(I didn’t think we’d meet again face-to-face like this, but he’s definitely changed) (Judom)

Judom didn’t show it, but he was observing Aquinas. He felt that Aquinas was extraordinary, even among the Evila. Judom wasn’t the only one thinking such thoughts.

(Although I had thought so before, you’re such an accomplished warrior that I wouldn’t have thought of you as a simple 『Humas』)

Aquinas also had similar sentiments towards Judom. Both also understood that the other had grown much more powerful than the last time they met.

(…This guy has an impressive presence as always. If I was an ordinary guy I would wither in his presence, but…) (Judom)

Judom looked towards the soldiers nearby out of the corner of his eye. As he expected, there were those within the group who were being overwhelmed by Aquinas and Marione’s presence.

(Can’t be helped… I guess. If there’s anyone that could oppose them, it’d be…) (Judom)

As he compared the five soldiers, three of them stood out to him.

(Only these three) (Judom)

There were only three soldiers who were standing tall without wavering, despite facing the strongest of the Evila.

(Their levels seem to be on the higher side, but… They won’t be much help if we have to fight against them) (Judom)

They were likely the best of the best in the 【Victorias】 army, but they still didn’t match up to Aquinas and the 《Cruel》 guard. This was true for Judom as well, but on the off chance Aquinas and the others were to go on a rampage he wouldn’t be able to handle them alone.

The use of magic and bringing weapons into the 《Sacred Room》 is prohibited so they could only rely on their physical abilities in a fight. Taking that into consideration, Judom still felt that he would only be able to hold off Aquinas alone.

That is why they chose 5 commanding officers. However, the question remained whether or not they were capable of dealing with Marione, the aide, and the Demon Lord herself.

In fact, Judom suggested a plan to include some of his most trusted and skilled adventurers in the conference, but his plan was rejected by both Cabinet Minister Dennis and King Rudolph. King Rudolph stated that he only wanted people he trusted by his side and wouldn’t give Judom’s plan further consideration.

For now it was important that Judom carry out his mission.  That is to be vigilant of their surroundings and to watch the conference closely and attentively.

“This conference is held in mutual agreement by both parties. The purpose of this conference is to form an alliance in order to establish peace. Is this correct?” (Portnis)

Portnis looked at each of the parties involved. Eveam returned a powerful nod towards Portnis in response. Then Portnis looked over to Rudolph’s side.

His eyes were closed, but as the silence continued he slowly opened them. As if reflecting on his thoughts, he slowly spoke

“…There is something I would like to ask, Head Priestess” (Rudolph)

Konjiki no Word Master Chapter 101: Prelude to the Meeting

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Edit: May 8,2015 – First two lines: Should be “trained the heroes for 6 months… as a trump card?” I re-read it again and noticed this. Sorry about that.

Around that time, King Rudolf and the Cabinet Minister Dennis met in a room.  Both were feeling the tension in the air and wore stern facial expressions. However, Dennis was the first to speak

. “I hope that this would go well but…” (Dennis)

“Yes…and to achieve that we have been training the heroes for half a year”(Rudolf)

“As a trump card…?”

Rudolf then shook his head a little.

“No, The Evila knows about the existence of the Heroes, we must be cautious, which is why the Heroes should hidden as much as possible”  (Rudolf)

“You’re right, its possible that the Evila cannot do anything about it. But, what do you think that man is planning” (Dennis)

“Judom?” (Rudolf)

“Indeed” (Dennis)

Rudolf let out a weak laugh

“That guy thinks that I am soft, but he is the one who is soft, in a week’s time you’ll see.” (Rudolf)

“But he was once the strongest adventurer. I heard that he can break a man’s head with just his bare hands. What a feat” (Dennis)

Dennis doesn’t often think about Judom but his reputation and abilities were no errors in judgment.  But as what is expected of the Cabinet Minister, he only supports the king.

“Though I have faith in him, the Evila will undoubtedly make a move. That time will come and I will be right.” (Rudolf)

“Within these two weeks, we must make our move” (Dennis)

“Aahh , we were talking about our Hero trump card earlier, but our real trump card is…” (Rudolf)

While they were talking

*Sound of footsteps*

Footsteps can be heard from behind, a certain person was standing behind the two people in the room, but they weren’t surprised at all, because he is an acquaintance he was given permission to be in the room. The person then looked at Rudolf

“This guy is the real one.”  (Rudolf)

He was just standing there, grinning sinisterly.

After a few days had passed, a young person who was self-reflecting came into view; he tilts his head looking at the sight before him.

(So, those are the heroes…where are you going at this hour?)

He had unkempt blue hair and long bangs that covered his round glasses. This young man was at the Victorias’ birthday festival, the painter that Aoyama Taishi met, Nazaar Skride.

He came early in the morning to the vicinity of the castle. He had his sketchbook in hand, seemingly for the purpose of drawing. But it was only a disguise to cover his real intentions: monitoring and surveillance.

Very soon, the meeting between the Humas and the Evila would take place. However, there seems to be someone plotting to interfere with the meeting which has to be someone with a degree of influence over the meeting. Because of that information, he had to go on surveillance. But since it was early in the morning, there were not many people leaving the castle. He was then surprised to find the heroes leaving the castle, he thought that he did the right move getting there early.

(What does King Rudolf intend to do? There are still 10 days till the meeting, yet, what is he planning to do?)

After the heroes went out, Nazaar immediately hid himself from their view. The heroes then proceed to go into town.

(I wonder what’s going on here)

As Nazaar thought those things, he began drawing on the paper. It was a drawing of a small bird. Then,s the small bird unexpectedly came to life and rose out of the paper and began flying through the air. It eventually landed on Nazaar’s shoulder.

“Immediately report this to Kiri-chan, please.”

“Chi chi chi” (Small Bird)

Chirping loudly, as if saying that the small bird had already understood, it then proceeded to fly away again towards the sky.

(I’m interested with the way things are moving, for now I’ll prioritize the heroes)

That was what Nazaar thought , he faced the direction Taishi and the others were headed to and began following them determined to find out what they were planning to do.

“Your Majesty, Its terrible!” (Kiria)

Seeing her own aide, Kiria, suddenly barged into her room with a terrible expression, the devil king Eveam, instinctively knitted her eyebrows and asked.

“Why are you in such a rush Kiria?” (Eveam)

While catching her breath Kiria faced Eveam and lowered her head.

“Please forgive my sudden entrance upon your room, but your Majesty needs to hear this immediately” (Kiria)

“What happened?” (Eveam)

Eveam listened intently.

“Yes, the truth is…” (Kiria)

As Kiria was concerned of the people that might be around, she began whispering to Eveam. As soon as Eveam heard the information, she had a grim look on her face.

“What did you say!? But no… I see, so the Humas began making their move.” (Eveam)

Eveam bit her lip as her fists were shaking.

“But your Majesty, they might also have a reason for being cautious” (Kiria)

“…You might be right, there was a case of last time too. We should be more cautious as well, the heroes begun to move after all, their target would probably be…” (Eveam)


Kiria’s throat produced a gulping sound.

“To destroy the border”  (Eveam)

“You’re saying… they’ll destroy the bridge” (Kiria)

“Yes… Now that our border with the Gabranth is gone, it is the only thing that maintains peace.” (Eveam)

“If the meeting has evoked tension among the Humas, then there would be an intention to bring down the bridge” (Eveam)

“The Humas’ trump card. Considering that Evila’s greatest adversary are the four heroes, once they are deployed, it wouldn’t be wrong to think that way. ” (Kiria)

In truth, Eveam expected that the Humas would make their move. In the event that the meeting with the Evila don’t go well, then immediately destroying the bridge wouldn’t allow the possibility of an alliance. The direction of the discussions would turn and be about war and the annihilation of the Evila. Eveam foresaw that that must be what the Humas are planning.

“However, for the meeting to proceed, Eveam-sama  must choose a few but elite persons to accompany you. The Cruel’s First and Second should go. I will also be at your side, if the other side starts an all-out war, I am strong enough not to be killed easily.” (Kiria)

Yes, there is a given limit as to how many people can go, however if Evila’s strongest  be there as an escort, even if a fight breaks out there is no way they could lose.

“No matter how many powerful people Victorias be prepared with, without the Heroes, there wouldn’t be a problem.” (Kiria)

Kiria’s words were accurate. Even the Victorias’ renowned military would be a disappointing match for the Evila’s top.

“…but for the Heroes to confidently go to the bridge, they must have a plan in hand don’t they?” (Kiria)

“I wonder, no, If I remember correctly, the place of the meeting is…” (Eveam)

“Aah, Its at the <Ordine Grand Temple> (TL:Could be Sanctuary/Shrine). In a sacred place separated from Victorias the <Ordine Holy Ground> (TL: Could also be Holy Land) the place where god rests, It will be held at a place called the <Room of Sanctuary>” (TL:  Can also be Sacred precinct) (Kiria)

“If I’m correct, it was once before, the place where Humas went to seek aid in times of misfortunes and calamities, It was said to be the place where the hero turned savior perished. Worshipping that hero eventually gave rise to the <Holy Ground>. ” (Eveam)

“Indeed, there the Hero’s power is still lingering, I’ve heard that the power to seal demons <Holy Ground> is being hidden there.  Moreover, the <Room of Sanctuary> has the power to prevent the use of magic; it seems that the power to seal demons is strong there.” (Kiria)

“If that is the place chosen, then in the worst case scenario we would not be able to use our magic.” (Eveam)

“Yes, probably, also if we brought weapons it will only instigate trouble so we cannot do that. In short we will be going there completely unarmed.” (Kiria)

“So you’re thinking that we’d all be murdered…is that right?” (Eveam)

Kiria was  a bit uneasy.

“You…can say that, if the Humas sensed hostility within us, we’d all die in an instant” (Kiria)

For a while only silence followed, It was then that Kiria spoke.

“Maybe it’s best to discontinue the meeting.” (Kiria)

No matter how you think about it, the Evila is at a disadvantageous situation, while in terms of physical strength the Evila is superior to the Humas however when magic cannot be used, those that have the numbers advantage will have the upper hand.  The small numbered Evila would be up against the stronghold-like enemy force. If a large number of people simultaneously attacked, then protecting Eveam would be a serious concern.

But as Eveam was thinking, Kiria said those words, she began shaking her head in denial.

“No, even in the beginning I didn’t think it would go smoothly, at any rate I will break the curse like chains that has plagued us since ancient times. Though I understand that it will be difficult to accomplish”  (Eveam)

“your Majesty…” (Kiria)

“Even so I’ve decided. In order for peace to triumph, the establishment of an alliance is necessary.”(Eveam)


“I do not expect the Humas to fight recklessly on purpose. I think that nobody has the desire to kill anyone. But the Humas won’t believe that so easily, I am afraid of both. Which is why it was natural to place my hand on various things. ”

The Humas also think that it will be to beneficial if the establishment of the alliance end peacefully. However, they still can’t completely trust the Evila. Until the establishment, no, even after the establishment of the alliance, it will still probably take a long time for them to trust again.

There is great distrust being held. That is why it was natural to accept the outlook that the meeting would fail.  And when it fails, even a little, the Evila would not be taken for granted.

“That is why, for them to trust us even a little, it will be good not to make moves that would create strife, we will only convey the alliance’s purpose, if that happens I’m sure they’ll understand. We must, we must do that in order for the alliance to go well!” (Eveam)

Kiria managed to make a faint smile seeing Eveam speak her decision straight forwardly and in a calm manner.

“As expected of our majesty. Then I too pledge to offer my heart, body, soul and dedicate it for peace.”

Kiria said those words as she was kneeling on one knee.

“Aa, I’m counting on you, Kiria. I am placing my trust in you the most, it is because you are at my side, I able to move forward. Let’s attain peace together.”

“With pleasure”

Konjiki no Word Master Chapter 98: Food! Ashura Nabe!

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Note: Sorry for those who were waiting for Xcrossj’s version, I just wanted to try my hand at it, I even made a mistake at the title (T_T)


Chapter 98.

Upon returning to the Oasis, Sivan and the other’s smiles were the first to greet them.  Sivan heard the story from Camui, he was wearing a sad expression along the way, but Camui and the others were able to show a smile on their faces due to their safe return.

Afterwards, Hiiro was accompanied by Camui, Sivan and Jin-u to tend to the injured persons gathered at the Yurt.

“Listen up, what I will be doing must be kept secret” (Hiiro)

He gathered magical power in his fingertip

“I will only heal their injuries”

The 3 people nodded affirmatively.

Thus, Hiiro began healing each person. Applying “Complete Recovery” word magic to do so.

Prioritizing the children who are clinging to life. Their Mothers who are nursing them, hugging them tightly began to cry.

And then, not only the mothers but also everyone who was healed were bowing their heads repeatedly in gratitude to Hiiro.

“Rather than doing that, you should honor your promise, Nitouryuu” (Hiiro)

“Yes…I understand” (Camui)

“Hmm? What promise” (Sivan)

“Granpa” (Camui)

“What is it” (Sivan)

“Today we…Feast” (Camui)

“hmm?” (Sivan)

After that it became very busy.

The Ashura tribe’s dream of peace was achieved, and to celebrate Camui hurriedly began preparing for a feast.

Near the riverbank, several people were preparing a large pot, it is there that all the ingredients will be placed and cooked.

According to Camui the Ashura Tribe use it to cook whenever there is a celebration or a feast.

Everyone from the tribe gathers around the pot to eat and celebrate.

It was also a time when their dead comrade’s soul would be resurrected and be with them at the same time it was an opportunity for the people to get drunk.

The women take charge of ordering the men when cooking. The women yell at the men when they put in the ingredients to early or when their vegetable cutting was sloppy. It was like the men were useless when it comes to preparing food. But in actuality, the job of the men of the Ashura Tribe was normally to hunt or fight  or to face danger while the women’s job was to provide support. So, for this feast it was really the women that have the upper hand. The men have no choice but to do what the women say.

The stirring of the pot brought forth a nice smell that was carried by the wind that appealed to everyone. It was a strong curry like smell. The smell made their stomachs growl and their mouths drool which made them unable to work. Even Mikazuki was drooling which resembled a waterfall spilling out of her mouth.

“Hey, drooling bird”


“What do you mean ‘gui’? Do something about your drooling, there is a puddle of drool already on your feet.”

There is a puddle of drool accumulating on Mikazuki’s feet, but because Hiiro told her about it she made a slurping sound to contain the drool, only to have it drip all over again.

Seeing this, Hiiro let out a sigh of exasperation.


The voice was from Camui who was coming closer.

“What is it” (Hiiro)

“About grandpa….thank you”

“Don’t worry about it”

Yes, After healing the seriously injured, Hiiro also healed Sivan’s injuries as it was a request of Camui. Even though Hiiro thought it was a pain to heal people over and over, he thought better of it.

But Sivan himself refused Hiiro’s healing, which surprise both Camui and Jin-u. They didn’t understand the reasoning behind it. But Sivan said

“This is a punishment that is etched in my body so that I would never forget.”

He was angered by his own inexperience. In truth, he could have stopped Rigund himself. If he had done so, Camui would not have experienced a painful memory.  But his right leg was amputated and his eyes went blind. In the end I entrust everything to Camui. He wasn’t able to do anything. When its his time to go to the other world, he would think that those were not joyous years. Even though his body could be healed, he cannot move the way he can when he was younger. That is why he cannot forget his current useless self. He thought to himself that he will carry the burden of his punishment until he passes away.

But Camui ignored Sivan’s words. He grew up to be who he is now because of Sivan’s leadership. He was young when he lost his mother and his father. It was Sivan who guided him to adulthood. He disregards all of Sivan’s past mistakes like what he was taught a chief would do. Camui wouldn’t forget. Sivan doesn’t need those injuries anymore. That is why he wants him to be healed as soon as possible.

Upon hearing those words, Sivan pondered for a moment. If he is to be healed, Camui must fulfill one condition. That his leg would be excluded from being healed.

Pointing to his artificial leg he said his request. Of course Camui protested against this. But this was the condition Sivan has set.

“This stubborn old man” Hiiro said, with Hiiro’s magic he can cure his blindness.

Even if his leg were to be brought back, he doesn’t have the power to fight like he used to before. But with his eyesight back he could at least see his family. That’s why he only wants his eyesight to be healed.

“But…you are stubborn…grandpa”

Camui was able to voice out a complaint.

“That is my wish” (Sivan)

“uuuu” (Camui)

“Just you see”

Children were laughing near the pot where Sivan was at. Of course many were surprised to see his eye sight back, but even so, his family was very grateful that he was able to see again.

“Grandpa looks happy”

Sivan had a smile on his face while he was playing with the children.

“With this…Its fine isn’t it?”

“Who knows, But that smiling face isn’t bad to look at right?”

“Yes…Hiiro thank you”

Hiiro closed his eyes and crossed his arms. That honest gratitude made his back itch. It wasn’t like him, but its not that bad of an experience, he thought.

Hiiro then heard that the pot was done. He opened his eyes, the thing he was waiting for is finally ready. He then hurriedly walked towards the pot. He saw a hot red liquid being poured unto a large leaf being used as a makeshift bowl. It was a stew like food that had many ingredients in it.  It even smelled like beef stew.

He placed (tossed) a handful of soup into his mouth.

Even though it looks that way, it wasn’t spicy, it had a sweet and spicy taste into it which makes you want to eat more. If partnered with rice, he doubts that he could have stopped eating.  As he was thinking this, one of the children came over and offered him a plate with bread on it.

“Oniichan, here, take this”

The child gave it to him with a smile, and everyone around was watching them.  The other guys were eating the bread along with the soup, like a fondue.

Hiiro also imitated them on how they eat.


The moment he ate it, he instantly remembered.  It was “Naan” (TL: unleavened bread) It was unmistakably curry with naan bread. Hiiro then proceeded to eat it vigorously.

“Hehehe, is it delicious?”


It was another child’s face that showed up. This was one of the children that Hiiro healed. He came along side what it seems to be his mother.

“A, Mom! Oniichan said it was delicious!”

“Oh? That’s great!”

The child replied with a smile.

“I really am truly grateful” (Mother)

In the Yurt he was thanked more than enough, they still couldn’t stop thanking him, Hiiro thought.

However he doesn’t feel that it was a bad thing.

“Don’t worry about it, by the way this Naan…no , this bread, what is it?”

“Oh, that is a fruit” (TL: nut;fruit;berry)

As  she was saying this, she points to a tree. A palm tree from what it looks like. It was bearing fruits the size of volleyballs.

“That fruit needs to be heated at the right temperature for it to be soft like this, it is our staple food here.”

“I see”

“But in the soup there are (リモーネ rough translation: rimo-ne/lemon???),<green-crab’s meat>.<Torori shellfish>  , ”

I see, Hiiro thought, so that must explain why I was able to taste a lemon like flavor in the soup. That was why it had that sour taste. That explains why there is a green crab meat in here. It was fun chewing the crab meat, wherein the taste spreads in your mouth. The in it was very very soft. It had that red coloring in it though when cooked, the red color dissolves into the stew and becomes white meat, it was the reason why the stew had that red color.

To top it all off the torori shellfish gives off the sweet and spicy flavor to the stew when cooked and mixed together with the other ingredients.

I didn’t see any other ingredients aside from vegetables but over all this soup was very well made. I didn’t even notice that I already had 5 servings of it.

As the mother and child’s explanation was over, they bowed and went off somewhere. It was then when Lilyn was walking towards me with a grin on her face.

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